After 3 decades, we're the first choice for a variety of businesses
ABS has maintained strong and lasting relationships with a range of companies over the years. We provide specialized services to four distinct industries.

Commercial Cleaning
American Building Services can provide an office environment which is healthy for your employees and welcoming for clients and visitors. While we expertly maintain your property, you can project the professional image that prospective clients like to see. ABS has the ability to service all types of businesses, from small office buildings to high rise buildings, all with the same commitment to detail. We can tailor your cleaning plan to your individual needs and provide as much service as your company requires. We can supply all services on a contractual or as needed basis.

Medical Facilities
Medical facilities demand a unique level of cleanliness and security. ABS can partner with doctor/dentist offices, healthcare facilities, medical professional buildings, pharmaceutical distribution centers, laboratories and medical supply companies. Our comprehensive employee training includes proper handling of blood borne pathogens, hazardous material as well as the proper use of personal protective equipment. As in all areas, our cleaning service is custom designed to suit your needs and provide the most economical service possible.

Industrial Janitorial Services
American Building Services can provide maintenance and cleaning services designed specifically for industrial and manufacturing facilities. We have the flexibility and resources necessary to conform to your needs as far as services and schedule. Our cleaning plan can be specially arranged not to interrupt your production schedule or personnel requirements. In addition, our services can be utilized on a contractual or as needed basis with your requirements being the determining factor.

Institutional Cleaning
American Building Services provides a variety of janitorial services to educational facilities. Cleaning services are available for classrooms, support buildings, athletic facilities, residential dormitories, as well as laboratories. Our cleaning options to institutions include both daytime and/or nighttime services of all facilities on a contractual or as needed basis.


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