Four reasons why you should trust your business to no one else.
In addition to being affordable and fair, four main qualities underscore our competitive advantage in the industry.

Quality Control
ABS incorporates a strict quality-assurance program - one that inspects both daily and weekly. Daily inspections are conducted by working supervisors. In addition, a manager conducts customized weekly inspections, specifically addressing special considerations that you identify. These site inspections combined with email loggings and personal visits with the facility manager keep our quality control managers well-informed of your needs and the service you receive. With ABS, potential problems are eliminated before they ever become a serious issue for your facility.

Training and Tools
ABS strongly believes in the proper training of our cleaning personnel. When a new cleaner is hired, he or she adopts our company philosophy and is well-educated about our cleaning program. Only until that point are cleaning staff sent into the field for hands-on training with a qualified superior. This person serves as a mentor during the team member's probationary period. A working supervisor maintains constant monitoring and provides the final sign-off to allow the new cleaner to work on his or her own. In addition, when a contract begins, each facility is stocked with the most efficient cleaning tools available. Our equipment is rotated as needed in order to maintain their effectiveness and always replaced as needed.

Environmentally-friendly Chemicals
ABS is committed to the continual development of a cleaning program that will clean your property effectively while contributing to the reduction of toxic waste and environmental pollution. We strive to conserve energy and minimize ozone depletion and global warming by "cleaning smart". MSDA sheets are maintained in each facility and all chemicals are EPA registered. Feel free to ask us about our "Green" policy if you would like to know more.

Professional, Dependable Personnel
All potential employees fill out an extensive application that requires personal and business references. These references are checked for validity and employee-rehiring status. Candidates who fit our hiring needs are then asked to supply a criminal background check before anything further is considered. If a criminal background check is clean, then a personal interview is set up with the appropriate person in management. If required by your facilities contract, the employee is then subjected to drug screening. Once passed, the candidate is further explained the workplace rules and requirements and a job offer is made. The application, criminal background, drug screening and interview information for all of our employees are kept on file.

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